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The Global Consulting Group is comprised of an experienced international team of multidisciplinary professionals specialized in the design, development, implementation, and management of projects for the health sector, transport infrastructure,and security and defense for the government sector, the private sector, and international organizations.

Our Services


  1. Strategic consulting for the design, engineering, implementation, and project management for the public and the private sectors.
  2. Management relations with international financial organizations to locate and obtain funding for public and private projects.
  3. Development and implementation of technology solutions for applications in the areas of health, transport infrastructure, security and defense technology.

The Global Consulting Group specializes in the development of turn-key projects for the public sector, governmental projects, governmental institutions in the areas of health, transport infrastructure and defense and security.

  • Health Infrastructure
  • Defense and Security
  • Transport Infrastructure

Health Infrastructure:

Consulting services for the design, implementation, equipping, and management of:

  • New and existing hospital projects.
  • Development of health infrastructure for the governmental and private health sectors.

Defense and security:

Consulting services for the design, implementation, equipping, and management of projects for governmental institutions responsible for national security, public safety, intelligence services, embassies and international organizations.

  • High security communications systems and information network security: Consulting services for the design, implementation of the most secure communication systems and state the art encryption technology available on the market, for:
    • Governments
    • Intelligence agencies
    • Police, embassies
    • International organizations
  • Unmanned aerial systems: Implementation, management and maintenance of state of the art technology unmanned aerial systems for applications of:
    • Border control
    • Search and rescue operations
    • Support Relief in Environmental & Natural Disasters
    • Agriculture
    • Mapping and surveys
    • Intelligence agencies
    • Surveillance in remote-inaccessible areas

Transport infrastructure:

Consulting services for the design, implementation and sustainable maintenance of top quality transport infrastructure projects, constructing bridges of the most advanced engineering and architecturally design for national urban and rural roads and highways, over bodies of water and rail roads.

  • Modular bridges
  • Panel bridges
  • Moveable bridges
  • Suspension bridges
  • Bascule bridges


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